About Train Suicide
Train Suicide

Thinking of Suicide by Train?

Think again.

You could be so depressed or near psychotic that you are just looking for any way out. Not all suicide attempts by train end up successful and you may end up an amputee.

Trains and Amputees.

You may break your legs jumping down on to the track, then you could get caught up under the wheels of the train. The train would then have to reversed off you to free your body. Sometimes a body part may be left dangling when they take you to hospital then they might have to finish of the partial amputation with a full amputation. You could be in hospital for months.

Walking with a prosthetic leg can be difficult, especially when the amputation is high. If your amputation is high then you might be on crutches for the rest of your life.

Even if you have the courage to commit to suicide and are not deterred by the pain, you should consider the consequences for survival as many serious suicide attempts fail.

By far the most painful experience some people have after an amputation is phantom pain. Phantom pain is pain in the missing limb and it often starts soon after you come of your pain relief.

Please try a number of humane and appropriate actions before attempting suicide.

Discuss your options by calling a helpline:




Take care and good luck.